Masquintense Fine Hair

Masquintense Fine Hair

A highly concentrated nourishing treatment for dry, extremely fine and sensitized hair.

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  • Deeply nourishing hair mask with the highest concentration of Irisome
  • Nourishes the fibre with nutrients essential to its radiance
  • Helps maintain a perfect nutrition level across time
  • Keeps hair bright and soft with a supple and light touch
  • Protects the fibers against oxidization
  • Makes hair easier to detangle.

After using the most appropriate Bain Satin, apply one or two hazelnut-sized amounts of Masquintense Fine Hair, strand by strand, on wrung out hair. Carefully massage the hair. Leave-in for 5 to 10 minutes. Gently emulsify and rinse thoroughly.


  • Lipids to improve natural oil production.
  • Glucids to provide a genuine energy boost for the nutrition of the hair fibre from the root up.
  • Proteins to nourish the fibre and steep it in softness.
  • Iris Rhizome Extract to protect the hair from oxydation and prolonge the nutrition result.